c kitties & bullshit

get lucky / daft punk

it’s still summer, right?????

it’s been quite a while, sorry for that, but now k&b is back and stepping it up. got some really nice mentions in buzzzfeed and design taxi this past month, which gave me a kick in the ass to start this up again. so, hi.

i don’t like / kanye west

kanye just keeps asking for cats in all his songs, it’s too easy

i’m not okay (i promise) / my chemical romance

(not tryin’ to be xmas centric, just bein’ themed and shameless, happy holidays, y’all! also apologies for the lesser quality, i don’t have scanner access at the moment.)

the mariah version, obviously.

all the things she said / t.a.t.u.

hey guys just like letting you know that this is still a thing even though i suck. there was the hurricane and i’m doing thesis and fucking being an adult. it’s time consuming. and lame. but there will still be comics, some months more frequently than others, so please forgive me and bear with me and thanks for reading this and liking this blog. yeah. also everyone always asks about the store, which will be happening soon. and another surprise of sorts for those in the ny area to come. okay thanks xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


stairway to heaven / led zeppelin

rude boy / rhianna

thinking about you / frank ocean

soul meets body / death can for cutie

this one goes out to liztessier, winner of the contest, who requested this song. hope you dig.